Employment Opportunities | Animal Caregiver/Adoption Counselor

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*Open availability, including evenings, weekends, and some holidays is required.*

(updated 2/7/22)

Part-time position: Hours will vary, but includes nights, weekends, holidays and a minimum availability of 4 days per week and 2 weekends per month (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

To apply: Scroll to the bottom to download the application or stop down at the animal shelter to get a paper copy.

General Job Description

The Animal Caregiver/Adoption Counselor’s general responsibility is to help provide shelter animals with their physical needs of water, food, a clean and healthy environment, attending to simple medical needs and treatments and responding in a timely fashion to requests made by the shelter manager. The Animal Caregiver/Adoption Counselor also deals with the public in facilitating communications and good rapport for the Shelter and its animals. They will provide compassionate care for the animals at the Shelter. As a Counselor the individual will adopt out animals, handle animal claims or the surrender of animals following the procedures and policies at outlined in the DCHS handbook and shelter Policies and Procedures.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Clean and disinfect kennels, cages and outdoor runs daily.
  • Remove fecal and other material daily to ensure a clean, healthy and pleasant environment for the public visiting the Shelter.
  • Feed, exercise and handle animals in accordance with Shelter Policy.
  • Groom animals, as directed, including bathing, cleaning, brushing, clipping nails, and any other duties deemed necessary by the Shelter Manager to maintain the good health and appearance of the animals.
  • Watch for health or behavior problems in animals and report them to the Kennel Manager and/or Shelter Manager.
  • Performs medical tasks for the animals including giving shots and medications.
  • Run washer and dryer to keep bedding material clean and stored in an orderly manner. This includes keeping the entire Shelter clean, neat and tidy so it is presentable to the Public.
  • Attends staff meetings, education and training sessions as required by the Shelter Manager.
  • Supervise volunteer assistance when they are assigned to duties that she/he are responsible for.


  • High school diploma or GED/HSED
  • Have a genuine concern, compassion, understanding and respect for animals.
  • Have a positive personality with good communication skills.
  • Have writing skills and the ability to pay attention to detail to keep good records.
  • Be able to work both indoors and outdoors in both good and bad weather.
  • Be able to work independently and without supervision on shifts where you are required to work alone.
  • Have no allergies or other health problems that would prevent carrying out the duties outlined above.
  • Animal care experience, education, and/or background ideal, but not required.

Download our application below. Completed applications can be dropped off at the shelter, faxed to 715-232-9795, or scanned to a PDF and emailed to [email protected]. Only scanned originals of PDFs are accepted. Please do not send PHOTOS, JPG, TIF, DOCX, TXT or PDFs created from pictures. You may use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (a free program) to “fill and sign” as well, but please do not do a text conversion. Thank you.

Click to download our employment application.