Winston (Wasabi) and Kai (Gemma)


First off, I hope you guys are enjoying your new Lucy&Co. gear! We loved that video you shared on your instagram! (:
Since adopting Wasabi (now Winston) and Gemma (now Kai) we have had a blast! They are really the perfect duo. It only took them about two days to adjust to their new home! Winston is definitely more outgoing and playful, while Kai seems to be more laid back! So far Winston’s favorite things to do are play on the cat tower, cuddle with mama, and play with Kai! Kai loves to relax, look out the window, and get a good scratch!
Last week we did have to take Kai into the vet due to some eye problems. We found out she basically had kitty pink eye and ended up giving it to Winson as well but we now have meds and a cone for them and they seem to be getting better! But wow, Kai did amazing at the Vet! They were so surprised at how well behaved she is! Neither of them have had an accident yet so that is awesome (thank you for potty training)!!
But wow, it has only been two weeks and we both really love these babies with all our heart! They both have slept in our bed right next to us every night so far! Winston is such a mama’s boy, if he’s not playing with Kai, he is at my feet whining for me to hold him! Sorry this is getting long now, but thanks so much for helping us find these two! They definitely will grow up to be little Lucy&Co. models! I have attached a few photos as well!
Thanks again and best wishes,