I apologize for not being able to take the phone calls regarding an update on Warwick. We have had a crazy, but exciting, last two weeks! I think he adjusted quite well, and seems to always be at my side. He does a great job at keeping me company throughout the day, and always greets me at the door when I come home from work.

I’m emailing you because I couldn’t be more proud of him considering he took first blue ribbon and then grand champion at the Taylor County Fair this last Sunday! I took Warwick with me to visit my family over in Medford since the fair was a few days.  My little sisters fell in love with him! One of them enrolled in the cat show last minute and miraculously blew the competition away! The judge said he won due to his unique stature, cleanliness, and easy-going personality. He is back home with me today in Menomonie a happily spoiled grand champ.
Just thought you’d all like to see his accomplishments and to update you on his job well done.

K. Stahlbusch