Volunteer Class Information


Those interested in receiving the application materials for our volunteer program may click here to fill out an application. Once we have received your application, an email will be sent with the volunteer handbook and social media agreement. Your application packet is complete when the handbook agreement has been turned in.

All volunteers are required to take the Volunteer Orientation Class prior to working with any of our animals. Once your application has been completed and processed by our Volunteer Coordinator, we can schedule your Orientation Class.


If you have a group of 8 or more that would like to take the class, please email [email protected]


  • The minimum age for volunteers is now 12 years old. For younger volunteers (12-15) a parent is required to attend the class as well as volunteer with them. One parent/legal guardian per youth volunteer is required.
  • To enroll in the class you will need to have turned in your completed application, social media agreement and the final page of the handbook (please contact the shelter for information on acquiring these) for review and approval. The deadline for these is the Thursday prior to the scheduled class.
  • The class fee of $20 ($15 for active students in Dunn County) is due the day of the class.

Please note: the process and opportunities for court ordered or pre-charge diversion program community service differ from above. Please stop by the shelter to fill out the appropriate application. We reserve the right to deny applications based on the nature of the offense and will verify applicant information with officers of the court.