Vala (Blue Fish) and Nina (Woset)

After 10+ years of saying no more cats, I fell in love with a photo of Blue Fish on your website. I was obsessed, my husband was iffy but easily talked into my daughter and I went to check her out. It was love at first sight. We brought her home, she had a rough time with our drive, and the following days were not easy. She became sick, sneezing and runny nose, a scared little furball that wouldn’t eat much, but we cooked her some chicken and the vet helped us get her up to par. She was one of the Dunn County Shooting cats. She had some issues, she liked people but was scared. She went through some stuff that made life tough.

Insert our whole family deciding that since she was part of such a large group of cats, getting another from the group might help her come out of her shell and be happier. My husband and I took another trip to the Dunn County Humane Society and found our Woset. She saw us and wouldn’t shut up. She wanted out of that cage. My husband was hooked. I told him she was a mover and a shaker, red and fiery! She very quickly earned the name Nina, which means Goddess of FIre. She is a spit fire, impulsive and always looking for a way to get higher. She walks on top of doors, she finds a way into the ceiling downstairs, she opens cupboards, she walks on top of TV’s like it’s a tightrope. She is a handful! (she also knocked my computer into the litter box but let’s not talk about that)
Blue Fish came out of her shell immediately! She played, she loves feathers! These days she is my shadow. She helps me clean by jumping in boxes, if I open a drawer she crawls in to sleep. It was harder to find a new name for her, it had to be perfect. We now call her Vala. It means chosen, and I don’t know who chose who. She is so precious. She gets away with more because it’s so cute when she acts like a cat.
Thank you for letting us adopt these sweet babies into our lives. It’s been amazing.
David, Lisa and Heather