Sophie (Sota)

Greetings from St. Paul!

We just wanted to share with you how our adoption of Sota, an 8 yr. old cat is doing. We renamed her Sophie since it is similar and she responds to the name.
We isolated her to one room which is an office for JoAn who works from home. She bonded right away to JoAn and didn’t seem to mind our two dogs that also usually hang out in her office. Our adult cat Toby was kept out of the room for about a week.
Sophie was allowed to roam the first floor now and then, as well as making eye contact with Toby. A few hiss moments were exchanged (as expected) but no fighting developed as they kept their distance. The distance now could be described as tolerable.
We think she now feels that this is her home and continues to explore. She loves to sit on laps and take naps on a kitchen or dining room chair. She will meet our wonderful veterinarian and staff next week.
Here are some photos that show adult cats have great adoption potential!
Take care and thanks for your commitment to animals!
Bette & JoAn