Seymour and Shiloh

Alumni Update: Seymour (border collie mix: adopted 2019) & Shiloh (previously Craig: terrier, husky, vizsla mix: adopted 2020).

Seymour and Shiloh have become the best of brothers and help each other with growing their confidence.  As they are afraid of completely opposite things they have helped each other grow out of their anxieties and Seymour has helped Shiloh become a confident playful pup.

Seymour has gone through physical therapy on a previous injury before we owned him and has done hydro-therapy to strengthen his back leg with the Glenwood veterinary clinic.  Now we go for fun because he loves it so much!

Shiloh who when we met him and brought him home wouldn’t let us touch him and was very shy with no confidence at all.  With help from Sharron at Leerburg with lots of patience and consistent training we have found ways to help him gain confidence.

They are both so happy to be together, snuggle like crazy, and have taught each other good and bad habits ;).

Thank you Dunn County Humane society for rescuing these pups.  We are so lucky to have them in our family!