Scarlet O’Hara (Skipper)

Dear Dunn County Humane Society,
I’m writing you to thank you for taking such amazing care of “Skipper” aka: Scarlet O’Hara while she was in your wonderful establishment. While we came up to see Brody, Skipper (Scarlet) found us. We met her on Friday night when we were planning on meeting Brody. A mother and daughter were in donating some money to sponsor Skipper and I believe Hendry. I honestly didn’t plan on getting another dog quite this soon after losing my dog that I had for 14 years. Yet, Scarlet (Skipper) had other plans for us.
She is trained so unbelievably well that I don’t even have to tell her to sit, or lay down. She’s iffy at times about the staying thing…but she’s good when she does. She sleeps in the back seat of the car when we go for rides, and has even met the neighbor dogs with kisses and tail wags. The feline siblings that we have, Daisy & Samuel have had some hissing feelings for her but, Daisy and Scarlet have exchanged kisses and Samuel… well she’s scared of him and runs away. So, there’s nothing wrong there.
You were right about the tennis ball addiction… we bought her 3 and all of them have been fully utilized and chewed up. LOL. We have more, so she’s never going to be without.
We wanted to send you some photos of her on her first couple of nights with us, when she met Santa at PetSmart, and picked out her own bed, and has become more comfortable about where she sleeps…
We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for her. She is a blessing in disguise. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all.

Paula and Bryan