Roxy (Rose)

Hi Guys.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for our “Love Connection.” Little Miss Roxy is an amazing soul. She is sassy as can be, and we just can’t believe we were lucky enough to  have her join our family.
She got her dental done about a month ago. It went really well. She had about 4 teeth removed. But she got the rest all polished up and she is eating pretty well. She sleeps all night long, in our bed. She still has some accidents, but we clean them up and move forward. She is taking over as the Alpha dog. That has our Asti a bit sideways in the stall. But again, we’re working on maintaining peace. Acknowledging that no one is any better than anyone else……those words haven’t really gotten through yet. But I’m sure they will. Nevertheless Roxy is a wonderful addition to our home and we are so very grateful to all of you for her fantastic care. And thank you all for your support in this process. Especially Jamie, Becca, and Jim.
All the Best!
Jo & Jeremy