Rocky (DJ)

In September 2008 we adopted a young lab mix(DJ).  We named him Rocky and he was to be a hunting companion for our son.  His fear of gun shots and later the sight of a gun changed his title to family dog and he has filled that role perfectly!  He would spend hours chasing a ball or Frisbee thrown his way.  (I cringe at the hundreds of dollars we must have spent on these toys before we found one he is unable to chew up in a week).  He loved going to the lake and would jump in after his toy endlessly.  Cats just seem to love him and he is polite and tolerates them.  Now 9 years later, he still chases the ball but we no longer wear our arms out throwing it for him and after two jumps in the lake he takes a break.  He still has his fun personality and spins circles when you ask him if he wants to go for a ride.  He loves us and we love him.  Thank you DCHS staff, volunteers and board for the hard work and dedication you do to find forever homes for the animals that come to you.  You are appreciated!!

Rocky’s family