I promised I would keep in touch since Pudgy is the best kitten ever!!
So far he is settling in just great! His easy going attitude remains the same and he is such a puurrr monster! He has been introduced to my other cat Darwin, AKA “D-Money”. Darwin was so excited to see Pudgy and immediately wanted to play. One of Darwin’s downfalls is he can play a little rough but Pudgy either plays dead or gets assertive and lets Darwin know that’s enough. No grudges held, ha typical boys. The more they are together the better it gets!
I have a feeling they are going to be great buddies once Darwin gets over his excitement to have a brother. But for real.. he is so excited it’s heart warming. So, for now small increments of play will have to do so the little Pudgster doesn’t get overwhelmed. So far I haven’t noticed any sign of stress.
Pudgy already has a vet visit scheduled for next week! I’m sure he is really looking forward to it….
I attached a couple pictures. Especially for Kat because I know she was sad to see Pudgy go.
Thanks for the opportunity to adopt Pudgy! He’s a great Kitty.