Peter (Hank)

Hi Everyone,

I know it has only been 24 hours, but I wanted to share an amazing update about our new little guy Peter (he was Hank at the shelter).  When we picked him up yesterday, he was so scared and shivering and didn’t know what to do.  He warmed up a little bit in the car and even more when we got home.
Over the last 24 hours, he has just melted into his new family life, enjoying snuggles with all of us (he is going to be an oversized lap dog), a walk (he was pretty good with the leash), and snuggling up to and playing with his new doggy sister – they’re a really cute pair and get along fantastically.  She just moves away when he gets to be too much for her and he’s been respecting her space and cues.
He’s been really eager to please, quick to learn, and no accidents so far!  He’s eating well and drinking, too.  He is every bit of the good boy I knew he was.  Overall, he already seems like a more confident, happy boy!  I know he’ll probably change and get a little naughty in the next few weeks (all puppies do and we’re prepared for it), but it’s been such a drastic turn around from him being so afraid that I thought you would be excited to know.  I’ve attached some pictures I took from today when the dogs were helping me work.
We will keep you posted!