Penny 4-2022

Brewery Dog Photos - JUNE 5TH

Penny is approximately 2 years old. We rescued her in 2021 after she had been abused. She still has scars around her waist and leg. Initially Penny was extremely frightened of everything. Over time, she formed a very close bond with my husband, and she enjoyed cuddling with him on the couch and sleeping at his feet. She enjoys walks and visiting the pet food store. If she gets away from you she will likely not run and will return to you immediately when called. She is mellow and loves to cuddle when in the house. Outside she loves to run and chase toys. When on walks she walks well and doesn’t bark at other dogs. She readily approaches strangers. She knows that “checking in” with us on a walk gets her treats. We have begun training with her and she knows sit, down, shake, and settle. Penny is very sensitive. A harsh word will leave her feelings hurt. If you hurt her as a correction, you will severely damage the relationship and it will take a lot of time and work to get back. She likes her crate and will go in on command (though she doesn’t need crating) She is reliably house trained. Best environment for her would be a home without small children, with adults that are skilled at reading/training a dog. As she grew more confident in the home, she began to feel he need to assert herself over visitors. This was in the form of barking and, in one case, nipping. We have a strategy for dealing with this but have not worked through this. Lastly, she enjoys the company of other dogs, particularly our corgi pup, but got into a serious fight with one of the other dogs recently. Details can be provided on that should you wish to meet her.


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