Paulie and Maxx

We are writing to update you on Paulie and Maxx. We got Paulie at the end of December and Maxx in March as everything was starting to shut down due to Covid.
They are best buddies and playmates even when Maxx gets a little rough! They are complete opposites. Paulie is real mellow and easy going. He spends a ton of time sleeping  (never in a normal position.) Maxx is in your face looking for love, has a huge appetite, and is constantly talking. Our other older cat Tim, is learning to tolerate the “kids”. He still doesn’t know what to think of Maxx trying to groom him all the time.
Our house has become a race track. When we hear the thundering herd coming we stop and wait for them to go flying by. Even Tim stops and waits for them!
They love the catio and spend lots of time enjoying their deck!
Thanks again for all the entertainment,
Jen and Carrie