PattyJo (Canada)

We call her PattyJo.  We also call her the wildcat.  The most accurate thing we could call her would be an S4 Savannah Cat.  Check the pictures, long legs, striped pattern on legs, spots in line on sides, and those very large ears.  Google Savannah Cat and compare the pictures. Most Savannahs are crossed with tabby colored cats, but some are crossed with tortoise shell colored cats.

PattyJo is extremely wild at times, tears cardboard boxes apart, tears up magazines, destroys toys, uses entire house as a race track, and can jump 6 feet high to chase a feathered toy.
BUT, she is also as gentle and loving as a cat can be.  We absolutely love her.  It will take some cat proofing the house and she will require a lot of exercising ( especially at night to wear her out before bedtime ).
We have an appointment on the 18th with our Vet for her.  We will be checking on doing a DNA test on her.  Maybe answer all our questions, or create more.
Thank you, she is adorable.
David & Marlene