Otis (Jonah)

Hello! Wanted to share some updated photos of Otis (Jonah), since he turns one on Thursday. Hard to believe he is already one year old. He loves hanging with his brother, Indy and his family.  He enjoys going for rides anywhere and loves playing tug of war with his brother. Any wildlife excites him and any treats are his favorite. He’s loves to cuddle, always laying his head on whomever is closest. He gets excited and can race around really fast with his long legs.  He’s Indy’s shadow most days.
We really love him and can say he is definitely spoiled. Wondering if you have ever heard anything from his other litter mates. Curious of any current pics or info on his brothers and sisters? We would love to bring him by for a visit sometime. Thanks much and just had to share.

Brian & Jennifer

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