Nola (Polka)

Dear Dunn County Humane Society,

Thank you so much for rescuing Polka, (now known as Nola, my husband and I love New Orleans, thus the name), nursing her back to health, and helping her to trust humans!!! Nola has been our ray of sunshine during these tough times. I cannot imagine a sweeter, more snuggly, playful, and brave little kitty. She is doing great…using her box, eating well, playing hard, and then sleeping hard. She is now a “free range kitty,” exploring the whole house. She sleeps through the night, sometimes on the bed with us, sometimes under our bed (not sure why?). She had  a full mani-pedi with the clippers you sent home with her…she was sleeping and didn’t even know we were doing it.

Again, thank you so much for the care and love you provide to animals!

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