Mulder (Mako)

A year ago today I adopted a little CH kitten named Mako (now Mulder) and I figured it’s high time I send you an update!
Mulder is doing wonderful! Still a stumbly adorable mess but I’ve done some PT with him and he’s is improving. He’s grown into the sweetest more polite cat I’ve ever had and has everyone who meets him wrapped around his little paw. My parents don’t even like cats and they want to sweep him away! Although the introduction period was rough, my first cat (Scully) is absolutely in love with him. They spend most of their days cuddling in beds that are too small and grooming each other. It’s to the point where if I find a hairball I can tell whose it is because it’s grey!
I couldn’t be happier with this little boy. Thank you all so much for the parts you took in rescuing him!
Below I attached a handful of images from this past year. Feel free to share them where ever you wish!