Merlin (Lightning)

Good afternoon!

We’d like to give you a “Tail of Success” on our kitty named Merlin (formerly named Lightning). Actually, HE would like to give you an update himself. “His” letter is below.

Sarah & Daphne

Dear Dunn County Humane Society:

My name is Merlin and I am the cutest kitty there is. It has to be true because that’s what my mommas tell me and, besides, they take so many pictures of me I must be something to look at! Momma says she’s attached a bunch of pictures to this email so that you can see for yourself.

I love it at my new home and I take every opportunity to explore the whole house (I’ve even been OUTSIDE a time or two on a harness and a leash!). I spend a lot of time in the window looking at the birds and I am very proud to say that I caught a fly that one time. I play constantly with all my toys because I’m still a growing boy and I like to play with my adopted sister–although sometimes she doesn’t like to play with me. I love both my mommas and I cuddle with them constantly and even follow them around the house everywhere. They say I’m happy and healthy–although they tell me that I need to go on something called a “diet.” Don’t listen to them, though. I like my food a lot.

Anyway, I’m doing just great in Eau Claire and I wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of me while I was at the Humane Society! In August, I will be turning one year old and I know that I wouldn’t be here without your love and care. Thank you for helping me find my mommas and tell all the other kitties and puppies at the Humane Society that their time will come and they will find homes of their own!

With cuddles and purrs,