Meet Vito!


VITO IS NOT A DCHS PET – CONTACT CHASE AT 651-202-7277 OR EMAIL [email protected]

Vito 1-2022

Vito is going to be 2 years old in March. His coat is a dark brown with one tiny piece of white on his back left paw. Vito is a neutered male, up-to-date on vaccines and medications as well as being micro-chipped. Vito was rescued in Texas at the age of a few months. When we rescued Vito he was very sick with worms and parvo. We named him Vito after the character Vito Corleone, who was born sick and feeble but grew to be a very strong and powerful man. The same is true with our puppy Vito. We rescued Vito because his eyes are so loving and his life was in danger, but we always intended to foster Vito as we already have puppies in addition to a small hobby farm. Vito loves to patrol the property, alternating between playing and protecting. Vito is incredibly playful. He chases the chickens but does not hurt them. He tries to engage the cats, but the cats are more interested in finding mice. Vito knows all of your basic commands: sit, lay down, heel, come, kennel-up, etc. He is fully potty trained and overall a really good dog. Vito is also protective. He follows my children around making sure they are safe and one time he caught a gopher getting into our food reserves and made sure that never happened again. Also one time a hawk was circling the chicken coop. The Rooster went and hid and Vito laid down in the chicken yard making sure the hawk would not land.

Vito has never been aggressive to any children or adults and he has never bitten anyone. We would love to keep Vito, but we adopted him with the intent to foster and given our other animal and farm commitments, it is in the best interest of Vito to go to a good home where he can get more focus and attention.

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