Meet Hero!


HERO IS NOT A DCHS PET – CONTACT TINA AT 715-647-2008, 715-602-3159 OR EMAIL [email protected]

This is Hero.  He is about 11 years old.  He does well with other dogs and overall good with cats.  He does like to chase the cats when outside in the open yard but doesn’t hurt them or bother with them when in the house.  He is a very lazy dog when indoors, but still enjoys exercise outside.  His interactions with children have been an issue.  He doesn’t like people getting in his face quickly or aggressively, and as a result, he has nipped a few different kids over the years.  If approached properly, he is a sweetie, and will lay at your feet and likes tummy rubs.  He is neutered.  An ideal home situation for him would be either a retired couple with teenage grandchildren, or he might do really well on a farm in the country.  Again it comes down to how he is approached.  He is not bothered when kids gently pet him but approach is everything. He is not much of a roamer in his old age now but does love being outside.

We have a lot of love for this old guy, but with an infant that’s soon to be crawling and walking we do not want to take a chance on him being triggered and nipping our little man.

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