Meeka (Mary Jo)

meeka-maryjoMy fiancé, Tim, and I adopted Mary Jo about four weeks ago. I cannot thank the Dunn County Humane Society enough. Mary Jo, now named Meeka, has changed our family in such a positive way. Meeka enjoys playing with sparkle balls.

About four days after being brought to our family’s home, Meeka fell in love with sparkle balls. If Tim or I am sitting on our bed she will go out and grab a sparkle ball and jump on the bed and place it in our lap. When morning comes and Meeka is ready to play she will bring the ball onto the bed and wake us up.

Meeka loves to play, and her most recent discovery was climbing. She now investigates everything she can. Meeka loves attention so anytime I leave the room she is right by my side. When she is tired, she has no problem curling up between Tim and me on the sofa.

When we went to the humane society, we asked to hold Mary Jo. The moment she was in our arms she was quickly purring. Still to this day she purrs when she feels relaxed and sleepy.

Again, we cannot thank the humane society enough for taking care of all the animals you do. We are incredibly happy with our adoption.

I have about a million pictures of our little kitten on my phone, so I decided to share a few with the humane society.

Tim and Mekayla

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