Maple (Mallie)

Hello all!

Just wanted to give you an update on Mallie’s first week at home! We renamed her Maple since we have a Molly dog that we visit with occasionally. Maple is doing amazing and we are so in love with her! She is so goofy, clumsy, curious and happy all the time. Maple and Banjo have pretty much become inseparable and do everything together including sleeping. They both share the dog bed we have in the bedroom for them.
Maple loves to try and play with her cat siblings Chuey and Denver. I think they’ve all come to an understanding that the cats just don’t play like that. Maple is also very curious about her rabbit sister Parsley but interactions have been very positive so Parsley continues to be a free range rabbit.
In other news, Maple is very very smart. Crate training went very well and we have had zero in crate accidents or complaints. I think she really likes the treats she gets for going in her kennel. We are still working on potty training but that is also going very well. We have only had a couple of accidents and are going to try and bell train her since she’s really smart. None of the accidents have accured over  night or while we were gone so i think she just  gets playing and forgets to ask about going  outside. Starting next Thursday, Maple and  Banjo will be attending obedience training together at Embark in Eau Claire. Banjo is pretty good with his basic commands and listening but we felt it would be more beneficial for her if they were there together and who couldn’t use a refresher!?
All in all we love our little Maple Bacon Bar to pieces and she is exactly what we were hoping to find in a second dog to join our fur family. She is so gentle and loving and a complete joy in our lives.
Thanks for all you do for all the animals in need. Without you we wouldn’t have this wonderful, spunky girl in our lives!
Thank you!
Ryan & Nicole