Mandy and Billy

I am writing this email to express my appreciation of the 2 wonderful and beautiful dogs that we adopted from your shelter!
We adopted Mandy and Billy nearly a month ago and we both found it difficult to be away from them now even when at work. We want to say thank you for taking such good care of them and really went out of your way to make sure they will be in a good home!
Mandy and Billy are huge cuddle buddies!  Mandy loves to cuddle and she would try to get as close to you as possible! Billy is more as a “waiting for approval” to be pet and he is just so adorable with this behavior! They really don’t know what “personal space” mean but that is great for both of us! They slept with us on our bed and cuddle us real nice at night! Mandy really like to roll on the grass and plays with billy outside! They are super friendly at everyone and other dogs. They don’t bark and bother our neighbor at all and all of our neighbors love them!
Thank you!