Low-cost Microchipping Clinic at Markquart Motors, Menomonie | October 14, 2023

Get your dogs or cats microchipped for a super low cost!

At the Dunn County Humane Society animal shelter, we see hundreds of lost pets each year. About 60% of dogs are reclaimed by their owners and only 1% of cats get back home! Having your pet microchipped is the most effective way to ensure your dog or cat gets home if they ever become lost. The procedure takes seconds and lasts for a life time!

To pre-purchase chips and tags for the Microchip Clinic go to bit.ly/dchschip10-23 (this is for the day of the clinic only). **This platform does not charge DCHS fees, but will ask you if you would like to make a donation to them at checkout – simply change the option to “other” and the amount to “0” if you would prefer not to**

Save time the day of the event by having your form filled out! Just click the link, download the form, fill it out and bring it with you.

Click here to download the Microchip Registration Form

PLEASE NOTE: one form is needed for each pet you wish to have microchipped and must be completely and legibly filled out.


DATE: Saturday, October 14th

TIME: 9 am to 2 pm

PLACEMarkquart Menomonie

531 Oak Avenue West (next to Kwik Trip)
Menomonie, WI 54751



Dogs or Cats: only $11 per animal and does include tax (membership discounts do not apply for microchips at this event)

Do NOT need be a Dunn County resident to take advantage of this great clinic.

Dogs need to be leashed and cats need to be in carriers

We will also have engraved pet tags for only $8 and pet merchandise for purchase (membership discounts are available on tags and merchandise at this event)

Initial funding for this program made possible by a generous grant from

the Community Foundation of Dunn County.

Questions? Here are the FAQs:

Do I have to live in Dunn County to take advantage of this?
> No, anyone is welcome to come.

Is the microchip a GPS to locate my pet?
> No, the microchip cannot provide satellite tracking of your pet’s location. It allows them to be scanned at a vet clinic or animal shelter should they ever become lost. Often times dogs or cats will slip their collars or break off their ID tags. Microchips are injected in the body between the shoulder blades so they are always there.

Is there a fee to activate it or an annual fee to keep it active?
> No, the fee you pay the day of the event activates it. The company that provides the chips has many additional (AND COMPLETELY OPTIONAL) protection levels you can choose to participate in. There may be fees in the future to update your information should you move, however, as long as your primary phone number stays the same, this should also be unnecessary. It is unlikely you will ever need to contact the company unless your pet becomes lost.

Does the microchip procedure hurt?
> The microchip itself is injected with a large gauge needle. This can be painful, but most animals don’t react much to it at all. The injection is subcutaneous (i.e. directly below the skin) so it is not into muscle tissue.

How long does it take?
> The procedure itself takes mere seconds. Waiting in line and then filling out the registration form could take 20-30 minutes. However, if you fill out your form in advance, you can make this really quick! See our website to download the form.

Does my pet(s) need to have all their vaccinations done in order to bring them?

> No. However, whenever exposing your pet to other pets, there is always a chance that they will be exposed to new viruses, diseases, and other ailments. To prevent any infections, we strongly suggest you at least have the bordatella (kennel cough) and distemper vaccinations to protect your dog and the feline distemper vaccination for cats. It is always best to check local ordinances to see what is required in your location and the State of Wisconsin requires rabies vaccinations for all dogs and cats once they reach a certain age.

What forms of payments will you be accepting that day?

> We can accept check, cash, or credit card.

I won’t be able to bring my pet(s) the day of, but a friend or family member could, is that okay?

> Yes! Please have the form filled out ahead of time for them because the microchip company does require complete and accurate information to register your pet(s).

Is there a minimum age for pet(s)?

> Yes, we ask that you not bring any dogs or cats that are under 8 weeks of age. We can do the procedure at any age, however 8 weeks is when they can (and should receive) either the canine or feline distemper vaccinations, which help ensure that your puppy or kitten do not contract distemper.

Can you microchip other animals besides dogs and cats?

> No, this clinic is exclusively for dogs and cats. However, you may be able to have other animals done at your veterinarians office.

Still have questions? Please call us at 715-232-9790.