I know this is a bit premature, but wanted to give you guys an update on Larkin. 

Our hope in adding a new addition to our family was to find a companion for our 3.5 year old.  She was having bad dreams about our old kitty and was waking up crying because she missed her badly.  Our goal was to find a cat that would allow her to play with her and hopefully cuddle at some point in time. We know that can be hard for some cats. But, in my hope of hopes we would find a cat who would someday sleep with her and be a close buddy she could tell her “secrets” to.

We took your advice and kept Larkin a separate room for the first night…after being in there for about two hours she was not having it anymore.  She wanted to get out and explore.  So we put a gate up to prevent our dog from getting to close before she was comfortable.  Within another hour, she wanted past the gate.  

Our dog has had no reaction to her.   She did not bark once and barely winced at her being here.  We were wonderfully surprised.  They have both been incredibly calm and Larkin even rubbed up against her a couple of times.  

And finally, tonight when I was putting our 3.5 year old to bed Larkin came into the room, jumped onto the bed, laid down next to Adela and placed her head on her pillow.  It was just too cute and I could not believe she was already that comfortable with our toddler. 

So all in all I do not think we could have found a better fit.  She is absolutely wonderful I am so glad we adopted her.  Thank you so much for everything you do and keep up all of the amazing work!  I have attached a couple of pics from tonight and will send more again in the future!