Krystof (Jake)

Hello, sorry we missed your calls.  Jake, as we call “Krystof”, is everything we wanted in a pet and companion, and MORE!!  We adopted Jake a short three months ago, and it just amazes us how well he adapted to Paul and I and our quiet country home.  The dog kennel was put back in the box and into a closet weeks ago!  He is so good at alerting us to let him out to do his “job”!  He loves to be outside, check for any intruders (deer, frogs, even an occasional snake!) After his rounds, he can be found just relaxing on either the front or back deck, soaking up the sun!!  If it looks to him that either Paul or I are going somewhere in the car or truck, he is right there waiting to go for a ride.  He also rides with us on the Gator side by side.  And he enjoys the canine company of our son’s two blue heeler dogs, 6 month old Bailey and 6 year old Yogee.  He is also so good with our 4 year old and 6 month old grandsons.   He sleeps with us every night on our bed.  Jake is such a ray of sunshine for us.  We feel so blessed to have him.   The pictures I have attached don’t do justice for his energy, but if I had taken them while outside, they would just be a blur.  His energy and quickness is unbelievable!!


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