I wanted to let you know how well Kiera is doing here. She has settled in, and seems to have attached herself to me more than my husband, but it’s probably because I’m home more than he is. I know you said she was a stray, but we wonder if maybe her first owner was an older woman, and that’s why.  But she goes for walks with me, has her own place in my office and in our bedroom. (I made a couple dog beds for her to lay on.)  We’ve decided to keep the name your organization gave her, Roy said he liked it just fine.

I took her into our vet about 10 days after we got her, and he said she is in good condition, ears clean, heart good. He gave her a booster on one of the shots you’d given her, and I’ve got some additional flea/tick medicine.  (Oh and Tabitha, our cat, got her rabies shot)

She’s gotten a bath too, and doesn’t she shine?  By the way, the blue stuffed bone was her favorite toy, she won’t even look at the other ones. I’ll have to see if I can find her another one.

Thanks for all of your help in the adoption. I think she’s pretty glad she’s got a home here.


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