Juno (Sunshine)

I just wanted to send you some pictures Juno, formerly known as Sunshine. She’s loving her new home so far, it took her a little bit to warm up and doesn’t really like coming downstairs yet, but she keeps making little steps everyday. Her favorite spot in my room is in my  deep closet probably because she thought she could hide from me and I wouldn’t find her. Everyday when I get home from work or school she always comes running out of my closet to say hello. She’s definitely a bit sassy when it comes to people she doesn’t know yet, and likes to hide from them when they want to meet her and show her some loving. She also has a little furry friend, Peep, who is the same age her kittens were when they all (but one) got adopted. When they first met they didn’t really know what to think of each other, but now they are pretty much always near or just staring at each other. I can actually hear them upstairs in my room running and playing with each other as I’m writing this email.
Juno is an amazing cat. She’s so sweet and the more she has gotten to know me you can tell she feels comfortable here. She’s finally starting to play with her toys a little more, which I think Peep helped with a little bit. They are both learning off each other in little ways. Juno has become part of the family in my household and we all love her. Thank you so much for choosing me for Juno’s forever home. It means so much to me that I can give her the love she deserves.