Iwin (Irwin)

Good Morning Josh & DCHS Staff,  (especially Lisa)
It’s been over a month now and everyone is starting to “meld” here.  Iwin is an absolute joy but I’m not sure everyone else thinks that when he’s having his kitty crazies.
We’ve broken the cycle of eating food after each time he gets fuss.  His little body is starting to get a little longer but he still has that cute little round belly. He is sleeping with us more and more, almost every night now.  He just has to learn that beds are for sleeping and not playing so much.  The older boys say so with their “looks”.  He gets the message most of the time but he still likes to push the limits with the others.  It’s all a part of living together.  He’s still baby and his energy is high when he’s ON.  We are enjoying his Baby Cat stage before gets to be a Big Boy.  BTW, don’t worry about Iwin.  He’s a little firecracker.  Even though his kitty brother, Merlin, is a bit bigger, Iwin still wins most battles they have.
Hope you enjoy the pics.  Have a wonderful day!
Carolyn & David Dunn