One year ago we brought home this handsome energetic man named Huck. He is full of so much personality and love. We crated him for the first few days while we were away but almost immediately started leaving him out in controlled areas of the house while we were away for short periods. He has done great! Within a month he gained full access to the entire house while we were away. Huck has taken a couple obedience classes, and since he is sooo eager to please, he has done incredibly well. He also loves playing with his friends at doggy daycare (Embark). The first year has flown by and we look forward to so many more. I just wanted to share our love for him with everyone. I’m sure working with animals, everyone occasionally wonders how they are doing after being adopted. Is everything going ok? Is the animal still in the home? Etc. Huck is doing great (a bit of a snorer and a bed hog, but doing great!)