I thought DCHS would like an update on Henry ( adopted January 2020), since he was returned twice before. Being in a home without children and with people who understand the protective herding dog instincts was probably key for his success.

It took a few months for him to settle in, but he is now enjoying himself and his four legged sister Abby, who is very tolerant of his rough play tactics. No dogs have been injured during these play sessions. She initiates this rough play too, and when she has had enough, she will put Henry in his place. A perfect pairing.

His two legged family members have to be careful about touching his hind end, as he will growl and snap. Otherwise we can pet and cuddle with the rest of him. We figure he was probably was either attacked by another animal or beaten on the back end by someone.

We have to be careful using tools (shovels, metal measuring tapes, weed whipper, etc.) in his presence. He thinks the tools are going to harm us and will nip at us, trying to get us to drop the tools. This goes for the lawn mower too. Otherwise he is a friendly guy who follows basic commands like come and sit, and he loves getting petted and scratched behind the ears.

Oh… and he loves his two legged sibling as well. His human makes a nice couch cushion He takes the kids for walks and plays bubbles with them too. The dogs also have a fenced back yard to run and play chase in, and a goldfish pond to play in.

Henry is finally home! He wants to thank DCHS for not giving up on him.

Thanks for the service you provide for our furry friends.
Kris  (Henry’s mom)

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