Gibson – adopted in 2015

20151225_110317-1I am sorry this has taken so long.  I just wanted you to know that Gibson and I are doing amazing.  He has become the love of my life.  I am allergic to cats.  However, each cat has a different dandruff, as you know, and I am not allergic to him.  Turns out Mr. Gibson (which is referred to as our home) is part Bengal.  He has the markings on his underside with the strips and spots.

When I first decided to get a pet, I did not want a cat.  Dogs are my pet of choice.  However, the community I live, at the time, did not allow for dogs.  So I “settled” for a cat.  I had no idea at the time, how very much I would grow to love Gibson so much.  He is the best pet I ever had, and so unlike any cat I have ever met.  It was love from the second I first held him and I learn more and more about his personality that makes me love him more.

He loves taking walks on a leash and he has helped me loose close to 35 lbs.   He sits for hours in a tree while I garden.  He comes just like a well trained canine when I call him.  He is the most social being I have ever met.  He talks to everyone and never runs and hide.  He loves high spaces and has found many places to sit and watch the world happening in my home.  His meow carries like a loud song through out my home.  The neighbor kids come and visit him often, he has stolen their hearts as well.  And, talk about a world traveler.  He loves to go for rides in the car.  He finds his nice, neat padded bed on the floor and talks a nap.  No fuss, no muss.  When I grab the car keys he sits by the door waiting for his harness and away we go. When it comes to nail trimming, he just sits and watches.  He never pulls away.  I have a double sink in my bathroom and he as claimed one of those as his own.  As I ready myself for bed, he waits patiently to get his routine brushing nightly and in the morning when he again waits to be brushed for the day.  Gibson never goes on any furniture, which is nothing I taught him.  He will sit on your lap in short intervals, but prefers to be sprawled on the floor claiming his spots, or on top of the refrigerator.  He has 2 window seats in the house, which to my amazement he realized those are his spots.  I don’t know how.  He is just that smart.  He loves to play and yes, he does fetch.  Unlike most cats, he insists that his litter box be changed daily.  He will meow and paw at me until I do it.  He is so funny.  He has a personality that is unique and unlike any cat I have known.  He is also a life saver.

Two weeks ago, in the middle of night when I sleeping, Gibson jumped on top of me.  He meowed in an almost screaming tone as if he were yelling at me.  He pounded at my face until I opened my eyes to realize someone was breaking into my home.  I immediately got up and with Mr. Gibson by my feet, we turned the lights on in the house and the person breaking in ran from my home.  He did not have a chance with Gibson on duty!

My home was empty and lonely before Mr. Gibson came to be as my only son and wife live in South Carolina.  I am sure there is no other cat “canine” like him!  I am also sure that anyone who loves their 4-legged feline as much as I do would say the same.   Mr. Gison is not just a pet to me, he is my friend, my companion, and I love him with all my heart.  My 28 year old son teases me that he has been replaced by a cat.

Thank  you so much for giving me another chance at life.  I am sure you think that you are giving these animals another chance, but it is I who has benefited from Gibson letting me be his family.  I am sure his old family must have loved him, because he so precious, it must have caused them great pain to give him up.  If you could please let them know how much is adored and treasured, I am sure they would appreciate it and I would appreciate it as well.



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