Ghost (Dakota) and Shylough

Hello friends, sorry for the late update…

These two have finally blossomed into awesome kitties!  It took a few months but they really are great.  Tons of play, energy, goofiness, etc.  They are also both great with my non-stop three year old daughter.  Not a single bite or scratch.  Attached are a couple pics.

Please don’t be offended in any way but I renamed Dakota – Ghost.  It was actually Shylough who came out of hiding first.  For several weeks she would make her way into the common areas (living room, kitchen) and Ghost would always be in the background peeking his white head around corners, trying to be stealthy, so I just had to make this change.  It perfectly fits!

If anyone has questions, comments, concerns feel free to respond or give me a call.

Best regards, Nate