Today marks two weeks since we have brought Gem into our home! She has done so great adjusting as well as the other animals.  We are working on potty training still but Gem has started to understand when she needs to go, she goes to the door  She is definitely catching on quickly.  Gem is also working on sit, shake and lay. You can tell she is food motivated but needs to do her trick before her treat! Gem loves playing with her big fur sister Stella. They play throughout the day and tire one another out which is great! This has been very stimulating for both. Gem holds her own pretty darn well and she might just be the boss once she is bigger haha. Gem is such a snuggle bug. She loves to be by someone at all times. We are still working on crate training as well and learning that it is okay to be in there and we will come back. She is learning to love the snow and adjusting to the weather. We have also started taking her out on walks and she loves to try and stay in step with big sister!

We love her so much. We are so happy that your organization chose us to have her. She has been such an amazing addition to our family and we are so excited to see how she grows!