Garfunkel is doing well. His first night was a bit scary as he didn’t feel much like sleeping, so I left a light on for him. When I woke up he was curled up in the old chair I put in the entryway. This room is serving as his transitional room, along with the young cat my husband picked out at the Eau Claire shelter.  My son likes Garfunkel’s name but he thought of another name for him- “Captain Barbosa” . This name was taken from the movie- Pirates of the Carabbean.

 Today, Captain Barbosa seemed tired, he didn’t want the chair today, so he slept in the basket beneath the old chair. He’s a good boy, I really, really like this guy- what a great cat! (Sometimes I call him “grandpa” because he is older and moves a bit slower). We made a  good pick, couldn’t be happier !!!

Also sent a pic of our resident cat. He’s not sure what to think about the new cat scents around the entryway. I’ll send more pics later . Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day!!!! image1

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