Kenobi (Garbanzo)

We adopted Garbanzo about 2 weeks ago now and he has been settling in great! We’ve renamed him Kenobi, and he is a delightfully curious little kitten. About the only time this is a problem is when he tries to dart out the door after me, but now I know to watch for him!

He is being well-loved! I only have pictures of my youngest holding him, but my older two children are just as enamored with him.
Our other cat, Morgan, loves to play with him but she isn’t *quite* sure how she feels about cuddling or sleeping with him just yet, but he must be wearing her down because he keeps getting closer (see first picture), and the other day I caught her grooming him a bit!
I did also want to ask, because we have a few things that we don’t need any more since our puppy outgrew them, if you take used halters/collars and/or opened packages of puppy diapers as donations? If not I’ll find somewhere else to send them, but I figured if you guys did it would be a good way to give back!
Thank you,