Fendi (Sarafine)

image1 (1)Hi-
My name is Fendi (sarafine). It’s been a few weeks since I have been there, so I thought you might want an update on my new home. I am still a little kitty, but have great manners and always use the litter box perfectly. I love all the scratching items here and use them perfectly. There are lots of toys here. My favorite is the wand with the feather on the end. I am doing good here. I can play all day long with by buddy Gucci (Kirby), but when it’s time to lay down, I love to lay on the electric blanket, and snuggle under moms chin. I just wanted to let you know that you taught me how to be a great little lady, and I love my new house.

And hi from me too! I am Gucci(Kirby). I am a big kitten with beautiful colorings and a long tail. I love my new house. I can play and play and play. I love to play with Fendi. She is so smart and plans sneak attacks, but I am getting wise to them. My favorite toys are any thing with feathers. I carry them around and rip them apart… Feather by feather. This week I found a new red dot to chase around, and that is pretty interesting. We have a nice house with 3 cat condos. I love to run up and down them, and look out the window at the birds. I also like the electric blanket and to snuggle with Fendi and mom. Anyways… I think I hear the crinkle of the food bag, so I think I’m going to go check that out. More updates soon!

Fendi & Gucci and Mary Jo