Feather (Stella Luna)

Good evening, I would like to introduce you to Feather…aka Stella Luna.  I thought you should know that she is doing wonderfully…she is very rambunctious, playful, and very very smart.  She has mastered the command of come…well most of the time and sit…but I can’t take any of the credit…she will do just about anything for a tiny piece of chicken. She is to the point where she will come and sit just about every time she sees anyone thinking she will be getting the chicken treat…she has only had one accident in the house and that was my fault because i was in the middle of folding clothes and thought I could just finish the load…she is eating very well, in fact seems to be hungry constantly but will take 3 or 4 bites of her food and then get distracted by some other fun or interesting thing and forget about the food.  She is a very aware puppy and since she sleeps in our bed, anytime anyone gets up or walks by, she wakes up… she sleeps about 10 minutes and then figures its playtime.  We started taking her out every time she would wake up but that got a bit much..so its been extended to about every three hours.  We have had to clip the hair around her feet and butt because every time she would go out it seems she would find the dirtiest spot to run and jump.  I will keep you updated but Carl and I wanted to thank you again for giving us this little ray of sunshine in our lives.  She keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh about 100 times a day.  I have enclosed some pictures my daughter took of her today..  her first of many many photo shoots I am sure.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will talk again soon.

Feather, Lynda and Carl