Laney (Delaney)


Wanted to update you on how Laney did last night settling in last night. She loved the car ride and was so relaxed during it. She was curious with cats but did not go after them. She is so smart and did well with basic commands. She made herself at home pretty much right away. She also did fantastic on walks even passing people with other dogs or on bikes. She did seem to be scared of sticks when we were in the back yard cleaning up downed branches. She also is afraid of the stairway and bathroom. I would say from how she cowered even though there was no threat that somebody hurt her at some point in her life. She did not have any aggressive body language either for any of these fears. We just reassure her that she is ok and love on her bunches.
We are getting fence supplies this week so she can be off leash. Despite her exercise being on leash she has been very relaxed in the house. We are excited to get into classes and see her blossom and be more confident. I attached a few pics for you all. She is our baby for sure and we are so much in love with her. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her.
Dan, Machelle, and kids