DCHS’ “Identification is Your Ticket Home” Program


The Dunn County Humane Society believes that, when properly identified, lost cats and dogs have a greater chance of being returned home when safe guards are taken by pet owners.

Research indicates that approximately 22% of lost dogs that enter animal shelters are reunited with their families and, when properly identified, the return-to-owner rate is 52%. In contrast, less than 2% of lost sheltered cats are reunited with their owners. When cats are identifiable, the return-to-owner rate is dramatically higher at over 38%.

DCHS offers a three phase pet identification program for dog and cat owners. They include:

LOW COST MICROCHIP CLINICS:  A microchip is an identification tag that can’t be removed. It is a little transmitter about the size of a grain of rice that is injected with a needle under the pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. Each microchip contains data about the pet (such as name, owner, home address, phone number, etc.) and this information is entered into the national pet registry. Animal shelters, veterinarians, and animal control officers routinely scan for microchips and when the scanner detects the microchip number, contact is made with the national pet registry to locate the pet’s owner.

The Dunn County Humane Society hosts two low cost microchip clinics each year. Pet owners are charged only $11 per microchip and includes entry into the national pet registry. Please contact the animal shelter at 715-232-9790 to confirm microchip clinic dates and location. Initial funding for these clinics provided by the Community Foundation of Dunn County. Microchips are also available throughout the year at DCHS for $30.

ENGRAVED PET TAGS:  The Dunn County Humane Society animal shelter has an engraving system capable of producing pet tags. There are a variety of tag sizes and colors available to choose from and the process takes but a few minutes to complete. The cost of the pet tags is just $8 and avails an affordable means to identify your pet. Funding for the pet tag engraver was paid for through a generous grant from the Bissell Pet Foundation.

DOG AND CAT LICENSES:  The Dunn County Humane Society serves as a satellite location for Menomonie (WI) residents who are required to purchase pet licenses each year.  This service provides convenience for working pet owners as the shelter is open during evening and weekend hours when city offices are closed.