DCHS Endowment at the Community Foundation of Dunn County

A new way to support DCHS!

We have exciting news for 2021 and beyond – the Dunn County Humane Society (DCHS) now has an endowed agency fund at the Community Foundation of Dunn County (CFDC)! This new fund is called “The Dunn County Humane Society Endowment Fund.”

What does this mean? It means that the DCHS now has a permanent source of income for our organization. An agency fund is one of the most innovative and secure ways a nonprofit can support its work. Each year, we will receive a check from the earnings on this fund to use in various areas including general shelter operations, medical care for our residents (including needed surgeries and treatments), building
maintenance and repairs, enrichment for our dogs and cats, and so much more. The money and earnings stay only in this fund and will grow over time, providing the DCHS with a stable revenue stream!

How can you contribute to this fund? We encourage you to make donations of all sizes to this fund by visiting the CFDC website at cfdunncounty.org/give/donate. Fill out your information on the form provided, then select the box labeled: ‘A Named Fund at the Foundation (select from the list below)’. Using the dropdown menu, select “The Dunn County Humane Society Endowment Fund”. Complete the remaining required information within the form and click the “Give Now” button.

We appreciate your support and are excited to have this agency fund as a means to continue our work in this community!