I just wanted to give an early update on Dana the kitty we adopted yesterday.  She is so busy running and running and running and jumping, that the pictures I’m getting are a blur.  I did get one of her on our bed sleeping when she took only a half hour nap.  She is sweet and likes to snuggle which is nice, she wanted to sleep on the bed with us, which is fine, but I was so worried I would roll over on her I didn’t sleep much.
She couldn’t jump up as high as the bed the first half of the night, but by the 2nd half of the night, she could jump up there like nothing.
She isn’t hissing anymore at my other cat Rusty when we introduce them for a couple minutes, but Rusty still is hissing, so we will have to be keeping her in the bedroom for awhile yet.  Also her new name is Lexi, she actually came when I called her that, so not sure if it was the name she came running to or something else.  Anyway thought I’d give you an update and when I actually get some type of decent pictures, besides the blurs of her running, I will send them to you.
Lori & Don