I hope this is the correct why to let you know how much we love Colby.  My daughter graduated from Stout in May and one of the things she wanted to do was give an animal from your facility a loving home.  When I spoke to your staff, you told us about her issues with properly using her litter box and that her previous adopters brought her back because of these issues.  Hearing that, we were determined to try our hardest to give her the best life no matter what happened.
Several weeks into her new living environment she gave herself a bladder infection, so she never used the litter box for several weeks.  It really tested our resolve to keep her with our family.  Then, we had people who were staying with us and Colby was moved to my room, which is smaller,  we added two smaller litter boxes and several training pads.  This change has really helped Colby with all behavoirs.  She never has accidents outside of the litter boxes.  She eats all of her food, she is almost 10 pounds now, and has filled out pretty well. She is a goofy kitty who plays when she wants, has a crazy little tick that makes her suddenly lick her shoulder, has eaten lasagna off my plate, loves the kitty window seat. When she quickly wants to focus on an item, her eyes will go cross. And oh, the fur!
We are so happy that we didn’t give up on her. Now we are hoping she can become friends with the other two cats.
Shelly and Emily.