Coconut (Tishka)


I want to give a quick update on Tishka, the kitten I adopted on August 12th.
I have renamed her Coconut (because she looked just like a little coconut when I brought her home) and call her Coco for short. She is doing great. She is eating and growing like crazy and everyday I see more and more of her little personality coming out.
It took a couple of days for her and Wally (my nearly 3 yr old other cat) to be comfortable around each other but now they are playing and getting along very well with one another. Wally is fascinated by Coco and will spend hours watching and playing with her. Coco has no fear of Wally and is always jumping out behind the couch to chase Wally.
I’ve attached a few photos and a short video of Wally and Coco playing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you for a great adoption experience.