Chewbacca (Mr. Autumn)

Hi everyone!

Mr. Autumn is doing awesome. He has been renamed by my boys to Chewbacca or Chewy for short. He is doing wonderful with only a few accidents outside litter box (none recently).

He is very loved by my boys and loves sleeping in their beds every night. He doesn’t enjoy being picked up but will cuddle, crawl into your lap and loves rolling on his back for a tummy rub.  He just loves being petted and brushed! We babysat my parents dog and they actually got along, which was a surprise as well! He loves taking my boys nerf bullets and running around the house with laundry socks?!? He is hilarious!

He has his own area in our unfinished basement which he tends to play loudly a night!  He prefers water from the electric foundation and when it shuts off he drives me nuts until I fill it and turn it back on. The regular bowl of water is not good enough! Lol. He has such an enjoyable, playful, crazy and selfish yet loving personality!

Hope everyone is doing well. I attached a couple pictures.

Thanks again for letting him join our family!