Captain (George)

CaptainCaptain (now George) is doing great.  We decided he has a silly personality and needed a silly name.  As you can see, he and Skyler get along good.  Skyler isn’t fond of “cuddling” so this doesn’t happen often.  George can run circles around Skyler.  I think Skyler knows now how Brutus felt when he was a puppy now.  He plays with George like Brutus played with him.  Fun to watch.  Some of the cats like him, some don’t.  It’s the puppy part they don’t like.  He loves to chase them.  He knows which ones to leave alone, but the puppy in him gets carried away sometimes.  He loves to chew apart soft chew toys and take the stuffing out.  There is stuffing everywhere all the time.  He LOVES his plus-in heated bed.  Sleeps all night in his bed burrowed in a blanket.


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