I adopted Binky last week!  What a sweet heart she has turned into!  She was scared and kinda shy for about a 1/2 day.  She has a room all to herself.  She greets me at the door evertime I visit. She chases after treats I toss for her.  Loves playing with toys!  And enjoys using me as a petting post.  I am so proud of her, as there have been NO accidents outside the litter box!!  YAY BINKY!!!!!  She is eating her food and likes the moving water from her Premier Pets water dish.  I have a tower on order, to be delivered Fri or Sat….once that is assembled, I think Binky is ready to explore the rest of the house.  I will open her door, and let her take her time.  As I want her to know she is safe and Loved!!!!

Thank You, everyone, at Dunn for introducing me to this proud and Loving kitty named Binky!!!!️️️️