Just wanted to send you an update on Biff! :) the best two words I can think of to describe him are ‘angel’ and ‘demon’! The angel part comes in at night.. he is the best cuddle buddy and loves sleeping with me right between my pillows which is the sweetest thing! The demon part comes in when he plays! He loves to play chase and hide and seek and is SO playful! If he was an outside cat he’d make a great hunter! He’s so smart and even plays fetch with little squishy soccer balls that we picked up for him! He’s settled in to the apartment really well and whenever we get back from going anywhere he always purrs as soon as he gets out of his carrier which is ADORABLE!! He also hasn’t had a single accident and is an absolute pro at using the litter box and has been really good about only scratching on his scratching post. He’s been walking on a leash and harness as well which is really good. And health wise he’s doing great and growing so much! He had a urinary tract infection and an upper respiratory infection but he got put on antibiotics and is all good now :)! He’s also growing so much like I said and is right around 5 pounds now, which is crazy!! I’ll put send some pictures too for you all to look at!

Just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt Biff as well! He’s so much fun and my roommate loves him just as much as I do and he’s getting properly spoiled! It’s really exciting to be able to have my own kitty!!

Hope you all enjoyed the very lengthy update and have a good Tuesday!