Bandit (Mack)


We wanted to send you an update on Bandit (previously Mack). We adopted him a year ago now and he is doing great! He is a fun guy who loves running, digging, wrestling around and also loves snuggles, pets and belly scratches. He loves finding comfy places around the house to nap in (he especially loves napping in clean laundry baskets). He loves food and thinks we should share all of our food with him. His favorite treat is peanut butter, he goes crazy for it! He doesn’t like when it is cold out (he is from Texas). If it is really cold after he does his business outside he will stop and pick his feet up and make us carry him back inside. He doesn’t mind the snow though if it is warmer out. He loves digging in it. It took awhile for him to really get comfortable with us when we adopted him, but it sure was worth the wait! He is not so sure about other people but he is never aggressive, just barks and hides. He seems very happy! Here are a few pictures of him. Thank you for all you do!

The Joseph Family